World Deaf Day celebrated in Kismayo, Somalia- “With Sign Language, everyone is included”


World Deaf Day is celebrated every year in last week last Sunday of the month of September to draw the attention of public, politician and International Organizations towards the achievements of the deaf people as well persons living with disabilities. Throughout the celebration of the event, all the deaf people worldwide are encouraged greatly to fulfill the demands and needs of the deaf people as well as increasing their rights all over the world.

The Deaf community in Kismayo is a vibrant and incredibly warm community that unfortunately has been marginalized by mainstream hearing society. Deaf people bear the scars of daily discrimination and oppression. The relationship between the hearing community and the Deaf community has often been strained due to the continued lack of understanding of the Deaf community, its values and subsequent paternalistic perspective of hearing people in knowing what is “best” for the Deaf community and forming policies for Deaf individuals without their input.

SODRA an advocacy organization for people with disabilities through support from GIZ-SRP, has celebrated the World Deaf Day on 30th September 2018. The Day whose theme was“With Sign Language, everyone is Included” was designed to expand the way of growth and development through new technologies as well as to offer Deaf people wide variety of opportunities to change their lifestyle. It is celebrated with poems, play and various deaf awareness campaigns including some fun events. Kismayo Special School Deaf Students have presented a poem and a dance in marking the event. The event was attended by Jubbaland state officials including members of Jubaland parliament, Director General Ministry of Women, Family Affairs and Human Rights, Jubaland Youth Umbrella Chairman, Traditional Elders and Women groups.